Friday, October 28, 2005

Podcasting article in the Monterey Herald

Posted on Fri, Oct. 28, 2005

Podcasting power The Internet allows anyone with some compuer savvy to produce their own radio broadcasts


Herald Staff Writer

It's a gray Sunday afternoon in Monterey and Garland Thompson and Shawn Singletary frantically prepare to podcast to the world from their makeshift home studio.

On this day, the cramped apartment bedroom has been transformed into Studio T (short for Thompson), where a trio of computers are plugged into a 16-track Mackie recording mixer. Sound levels are checked on standard CD player headphones. The two Monterey-based poets operate their show, "Sunday Go To Meetin'" -- a reference to a popular Southern slang term denoting a post-church service gathering -- as if they will broadcast live to an audience of thousands; in reality, they'll be lucky if they get a few hundred.

"Welcome to the wonderful world of podcasting," Singletary says with a laugh...more

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh by the way...

there's a new theatre in town when it comes to the big lights of New York City. In a historic moment this past sunday, the old Virginia theatre at 245 w. 52nd st. was renamed the AUGUST WILSON MEMORIAL THEATRE! A great moment of remembrance for a great playwright, and man. When i look at that building i will always remember August, and all he stood for. i hope you will too. Thanks August, for everything...


Here we are...

Here we are! another day another dollar. its tuesday, and somewhere in the world a constitution has been declared approved by the people. the morning headlines started with some bombshells, and its hard to tell which way the winds will blow in Washington this week. Lets see what happens friday, then compare notes, shall we? right now, its off to rehearsal, Mr. Shaw (GB) is waiting...
-radiodogg aka G3

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