Thursday, June 30, 2005

Start clicking stuff...

Hey, just wanted to drop a line or two to invite everyone to start clicking some or all of those links I've put up here. Especially the podcasting links. As you may know Apple released Itunes 4.9, the Podcast version this past Tuesday. Already over a million subscriptions to podcasts have taken place. They're still working out the bugs, and weren't prepared for the demand but it's happening! I've submitted our XML feed to Apple, and hope to see it in their directory soon. In the meantime you can listen to our one hour podcast called SUNDAY GO TO MEETIN' by simply clicking on the free player to your right. You can subscribe to it by using one of the many podcatcher programs, like Ipodder, IpodderX, Podnova, and many others, and putting our feed into your program where it says 'Subscribe'. Download us straight to your iPod while you sleep, play or work. Automatically. Then take us with you. It's the wonderful world of Podcasting baby! And we're all up in it!


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More of the same: Lies Lies Lies

The Washington Post

For the record let me state right now that I don't believe a word Bush said in his latest speech. In fact, I don't believe a word he says, period. He said there were WMD's. There were no WMD's. He said (and still says) there was a connection between 9-11 and Iraq. There was no connection. He said Saddam and his regime were a threat to the United States. He was not. Tony Blair said Saddam could launch a missile strike with chemical weapons in 45 minutes. In no way, shape or form could he have done that. Dick Cheney said that we would be welcomed with smiles as 'liberators'. If this is how they welcome 'liberators', and 'friends of the Iraqi People' I'd hate to see the way they treat enemies. Bush says we're safer now than we were before. Report after report (credible ones!) come out and show we're not. Bush says we don't 'negotiate' with terrorists. The major newpapers report on 'secret' talks we are conducting with the 'insurgency'. I feel like I'm dealing with two completely different realities every day, and I'm tired. The mental acuity necessary to find a way thru this insanity generated by fools is immense, and exhausting. Maybe this administration is made up of robots, automatons who run non-stop like the energizer bunny beating their war drum into the minds of America.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that the only 'right' thing to do is totally withdraw all our troops in an orderly fashion, and shift our policy to materially support democratic groups within Iraq that don't want the nation to slip back into dictatorship, or corruption or rule by hardline Mullahs. When Bush says we must stay the course for the sake of the Iraqi people, and Democracy, this is another blatant lie. The reason we are afraid to pull our troops out of Iraq is that if we do we will not be able to insure that a government friendly, and compliant to ours will take charge. We risk losing any foothold that this war may have gained us into the second largest oil field in the Middle East. Remember, our forces got booted from Saudi Arabia, the number ONE largest oilfield in the Middle East. No more 'edge' there, kimosabe. Of course, continuing on in the current fashion is steadily eroding that foothold when, ironically, with a slightly different strategy we could be in like Flint. If done right, with the proper respect, and gestures, we would be offered dinner, desert and daughters by families across the land. The Garden of Eden would be open to us in way that military might could never achieve. Our prosperity would be unimaginable, and it's repercussions throughout the world would be magical. Yes, I said magical. Gene Roddenberry and JRR Tolkien labored hard for years to show us what this magic could look like. All we have to do is look and read to be given the gift of vision. On some level these men dreamed of inspiring us to be the best we could be against all odds, and to do the right thing. Maybe if we did just that we'd all see what America, and the world could really be. Maybe. At least we could try.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Father's Day 2005

Let me start this by saying Happy Father's Day! To my father and all the father's out there. On the real Dad, you're the greatest! And also to all the Fathers past, and the fathers to be, you know who you are! Stand up, and take a bow, all of you! Take some time, and care, dear readers, to remember Dad and everything he's done for you. He's worked hard, and always wanted nothing but the best for you, and your family. He wanted you to be sucessful, and happy, even if he himself might not be, and did everything he could to see that you were. So, take a moment, and remember him...

Unless, of course, he was/is a fucker. In which case, bless him, and release him. Then promptly forget him. Except for when you write, make movies, or play a bastard on TV or stage. If he's a fucker you can remember him in those few circumstances, and he'll actually be useful to you. In life he can be an instruction manual of what NOT to be, how NOT to act. Otherwise he's useless, a skin to be shed, and after blessing and releasing him, it's time to move on...